Escape Room Rules

  1. You are not locked in. If you need to leave at any time, you can come out the door you came in.
  2. All phones need to be left outside the room on the table. Coats and purses can be as well.
  3. You have 60 minutes to escape. We will take a picture, win or lose, and share it on our social media pages.
  4. What you hear or see, leave here; do not share any puzzles, hints or clues. Share the fun, but don’t spoil the fun for others!
  5. Be careful handling props; any damages can be charged to the team.
  6. We reserve the right to stop the game for any reason.
  7. Do not stand on the furniture. For your safety, if an object is out of reach, there will be a tool to help you reach it.
  8. Do not mess with outlets or light switches; they are not part of the escape.
  9. Do not pry open any lock boxes or trick boxes; if the lock is not opening, let someone else give it a try.
  10. A key or combo will only open one lock. Once you have used a key or combo, please leave it with the box or lock that it was used for.
  11. We will give you some clues throughout the room, however you MUST ask for a hint to be given one.
  12. Sometimes in escapes there may be things that you can do to ruin a clue. If you ruin a clue, there will be no way to finish the escape. Your room host will let you get as far as you can, but you will not finish the room. So, make sure you think twice before doing something that cannot be undone.

Effective 7/29/2021