Team Building

Team building is a great way for your staff to get to know each other better!

Make a real investment in your staff...

The Vault is proud to offer multiple workshops for business owners. Each of these sessions are designed with unity and clarity in mind. Your investment in your people is worth it.


60 minute Team Building Workshop – Learn about individual personality
characteristics, both positive and negative and how those characteristics help them function as a 

90 minute Team Building Workshop – same as above: in addition will have an in-depth facilitator lead discussion on how the different personalities work together. We will discuss pros and cons of each individual personality, who they work best with and who they may struggle to get along with in certain environments. Most importantly, we will share ideas about how to better relate and work with each personality type on YOUR team.

120 minute Team Building Workshop – Same as above: in addition the group will take part in a facilitator lead activity that helps illustrate in a deeper way the difference between personality types.