Escape Rooms

We lock the door – You try and escape.

Our Current Rooms:

The Detective:

Long ago Sir Peter Prescott mysteriously disappeared and Detective Melissa Reynolds, who was the love of his life, was hired to find out about his disappearance. However, she was blinded by love when it came to figuring out the clues needed to bring Sir Prescott home again. You went into his study and finally figured out that you must hang his prized possession jewels in the window to signal him to come back. When Peter safely returned home he found that his love interest had betrayed him and stole the jewels. You and your group are being hired to recover the stolen items that were taken by Peters former lover Melissa Reynolds. Peter has gone this far and discovered her secret flat in London, but can longer continue with the investigation so he has left it up to you. It is up to you now to go in and recover the stolen jewels before she returns home in 60 minutes.


Outbreak Breakout:

Our worst fears have come to play and the apocalypse is upon us. The outbreak is real and spreading fast! Stinky, fast, discolored, and hungry, it seems these zombies will eat every living being left on this planet before ever stopping. People are living in constant fear of these certainly dead, but seemingly alive creatures due to their deadly bites. What could possibly be the antidote against these rotting monsters that are terrorizing the entire world? Only one person knows and well, he is simply nowhere to be found. Dr. Xavier Collins protected this serum with his life in hopes of being able to save the world someday. Now that he isn’t here to do so, we must use his serum to do just that. He must have kept the cure around here somewhere, but it might not be easy to find. Your team must get into Collins laboratory, where he has been hiding out since the breakout started, and find the serum to put a stop to the evil undead outbreak.


Can you escape?

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